Community Policing

North Miami Beach Police provide a critical service to our residents. We must invest in the relationship between the residents and the police. We believe that police departments work best when the residents view the police as an integral part of the community fabric and not as an occupying force, and when the police see the residents as their neighbors and not as suspects. We will encourage this by incentivizing the hiring of officers who live in North Miami Beach and assigning officers to police the communities in which they reside.

Restore Police Department Staffing Levels

In 2011, our City drastically cut police department staffing levels and full staffing has not been attained since. This has led to police not being available in all places at all times, and has forced our existing police force to be overworked and spread thin. We will return police staffing levels to full force by focusing on increasing our community service officer program and investigative units.

Civil Citations

We will begin civil citations and deprioritize arrests for victimless petty crimes, such as small marijuana possession and driving without a license. Not only will this decrease the burden on the police force, allowing them to focus on the real dangers to our community, but it will improve the trust between the police and the residents.