Environmental Issues

Habitat Conservation Plan

One of our very first actions will be to commission a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for the City of North Miami Beach. We will explore grant opportunities with the state to mitigate the cost to our residents. An HCP will provide a definitive scientific cataloging and inventorying of the plants and wildlife in our public parks and habitats and allow the City to make more informed decisions with respect to development. This document will be public record and available to all citizen advocates and will ensure that the City can make the best possible choices in protecting what we have while developing with minimum disturbance to local ecosystems.

Protecting Our Green Infrastructure

We will focus on protecting our natural and ecological infrastructure. This is the water, wildlife, and plants that line our streets, define our geography and connect our neighborhoods. The existing natural ecosystem channels water during floods, protects structures during storms, and provides living space and food to animals that help keep our City alive and control pests. We want to work with nature, not against it, to have a resilient and healthy City.

Preservation of Green Spaces

Green spaces--from wooded parks to soccer fields--keep our city beautiful, enjoyable and sustainable. We will work to preserve and protect those spaces, from Greynolds to Uleta.

Tree Protection Ordinances

While providing exemptions for homeowners, we will enact tree protection ordinances designed to curtail dangerous unlicensed, unbonded and uninsured landscapers and to protect old and ecologically valuable trees. This benefits our residents in many ways but most importantly through carbon mitigation and aesthetic value.