Quality of Life

Invest in Our Parks

Uleta Park has a great pool, but is so understaffed that we can't get a full-time lifeguard to make it safe for residents to use. This is just one example of ways that we can provide better service to our residents by investing in parks and green spaces--we can staff them better, maintain them better and have more family-oriented programming.

Walking and Bicycling

Nothing makes for a happy family weekend like going for a bicycle ride together. Walking and bicycling improves health and allows residents to get to know their neighbors and their town. It builds community and you do not need to buy gas! We can expand and improve our sidewalks and bike lanes, and build more bike paths in our parks, giving residents more opportunities to spend time outside.

Improve Trolley Service

The North Miami Beach trolley line is exactly the kind of investment in our community we will continue as Mayor. We can continue to improve trolley service, optimize the routes, and make sure that they provide a viable option for residents to get to and from work, recreation and other public transportation options.